Congressional Democrats soiled their own nest last week when they voted by overwhelming margins to approve George Bush’s $100 billion Iraq spending bill. Rather than use their majorities in both houses of congress to fashion a bill that would require the president to operate within a time line they just caved in – again – and wrote another blank check to the president to prosecute his insane war with its insane horizon.

Insanity is repeating something – in the same way – over and over again and expecting a different outcome. The Democrats are truly insane. In no way can you use the argument that Nancy Pelosi has no choice because she needs the support of the yellow dog Democrats, many just newly elected in 2006. Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House and could have simply prevented this bill from ever being voted on in the first place. And by doing so, would have forced the president to come to Congress and plead for the money – on Congress’ terms.

Now, instead, George Bush will simply let the clock run out on this one. By the time September rolls around he’ll probably get another “surge” of funding from Congress albeit on slightly harsher terms. But in all reality his refusal to commit to any time line will once again withstand any pressure from Congress to do otherwise.

In short, the Democrats still do not understand who they are dealing with. The man pretending to be president is no better than a careening psychopath hell-bent on dishing out evil on a mass scale to all he encounters. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are simply no match for a man so malevolently incarnate as this “decider-in-chief.” Without ever-increasing pressure from their constituents Congress will continue to fight this thing to a draw, and friends, a tie game here will get us nowhere.

Right now, impeachment sounds like the only real viable alternative under these circumstances. God knows, there are numerous grounds to bring such an action. Initiating a war under false pretenses, condoning atrocities in the treatment of prisoners, condoning torture, conducting systematic mass wire tapping of U.S. citizens, deliberately allowing a great City like New Orleans to be completely decimated by a tropical hurricane are just a few of the impeachable offenses that come to mind.

No matter, the waters are rising again and this time the levees at the White House will not be able to hold back the tide that is steadily rising against it. No one person will bring this White House down, rather it will be the utterly relentless and steady stream of events that are going against this Administration. When the levee breaks, all hell will break loose.