It’s Impeachment Time, Ladies & Gentlemen!

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June 29, 2007 (EIRNS)–The momentum to force President of Vice Dick Cheney out continues to grow in Washington, with the addition of two new co-sponsors to Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s H.R. 333–legislation to impeach Cheney for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

The latest co-sponsors, according to, are Rep. Hency “Hank” C. Johnson (D-Ga.) and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), both Democratic freshmen. Freshmen, as a group, largely view the Democratic sweep of Congress in 2006 as a mandate to impeach Cheney, end the Iraq War, and rebuild the U.S. economy.

If ever there was a case for high crimes & misdemeanors against a public official, that official would be none other than Vice-President Dick Cheney. Lately it seems that he finds himself in the initial phases of self-destruction, possibly ignited by an extremely guilty conscience or just too damn much “shit” to carry any longer on those tired, slumped heart-attack ridden shoulders of his.

With the defeat of the Immigration bill this week and the cellar-bound poll ratings for President Bush the situation could not be more ripe for a “reckoning” with this thug-riddled administration. Paul O’Neil [former U.S. Treasury Secretary] was right in his book – “The Price of Loyalty”. Loyalty trumps all in the Bush administration and look what it has given this nation – more scandals than perhaps all of the previous administrations in U.S. history put together.

There is simply no merit to the nay sayers who bleat that – just let them finish their term, impeachment is just a big waste of time, blah, blah, blah. To the nay sayers this writer would say — history will judge this nation harshly for not bringing this entire administration to account before the bar of justice. and more importantly, before the court of history. Only impeachment proceedings can accomplish this.

Call the U.S. Congressional Switchboard – (202) 224-3121 and ask for Senator Patrick Leahy – sitting Democratic Senator on Senate’s Judiciary Committee, Senator Feinstein – sitting member, or ask for Congressman John Conyer’s office – he’s Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. A great U.S. Congress website is — You’ll find various committees and members of those committees. Use that to search other members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and House Judiciary Committee. Call now. The recently served Senate Judiciary subpoenas on both the White House and Vice President Dick Cheney’s office is just the opening salvo. The public must make their views known and sentiment is quite evident all around this country that impeachment is very much in order – 1st with Dick Cheney, and then George W. Bush – the true ringmaster of this self-induced, catastrophic fall from grace by this nation.

We have nothing to lose at this point. A full-blown dictatorship looms just over the horizon. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country ……………………………….

“A Patriot”