A Florida student, Andrew Meyer, was tasered in full view of an audience gathered to listen to U.S. Senator John Kerry. Whether it was a practical joke as some evidence offered by the authorities would suggest it begs the question, should an open forum end in needless violence when precipitated by the mere exercise of “free speech.” Violence?

This writer saw a portion of the YouTube video and aside from being – perhaps – annoying and boisterous – there was absolutely no pretext to inflict the kind of pain that comes from a taser. Kerry indicated that he had no idea that the individual had been subjected to a taser until after he had left the premises.

So much for free speech in America – practical joke or not. Frankly, the thrust of the question – why did Kerry not contest the 2004 presidential election as played out in the state of Ohio – with evidence of disenfranchisement of African-American voters – was exceedingly on point. Having looked at the entire incident on YouTube – I am greatly troubled. The individual, Andrew Meyer, while admittedly boisterous and “amped-up” was asking very pertinent and critical questions about the 2004 presidential race and made a key reference to Greg Palast’s book – “Armed Mad House”.

I would invite listeners to view the YouTube link of this incident and decide for yourselves.


Rather than belabor this matter any further, I’ll allow the video to make my case. Some will view it and say the individual was way too self-serving, was showboating, was “acting up”. Others will say that perhaps he was using the only means at his disposal to publicly vet – for the first time in a meaningful way – the true legacy of that fateful 2004 presidential campaign – the disenfranchisement of a sizable block of voters and the subsequent rigged election of the current president.

At the very least, I would hope that you might forward on the link to your friends and acquaintances and allow for greater public awareness of what many of us have felt was being kept in the dark by the Republican Party.