Bush now wants to give blanket immunity to the telecom companies who allowed themselves to be co-opted into an unholy alliance with his administration to spy on average American citizens under the direction of the NSA to help fight terrorism. What a crock! They knew what they were doing and they knew they were under no obligation to wilfully violate the 4th amendment – the right to privacy in one’s effects.

What should have tipped off these so-called innocent telecoms was the fact that the Bush Regime was engaged in this sort of activity well before September 11, 2001. In fact, the starting date could be placed in February 2001, just after Inauguration Day for GWB-43rd.

Now Congress is considering granting Mr. Bush just such legislation in his relentless pursuit to continue with such wholesale spying on the American people. Bush needs this insurance policy for the telecom firms to “buy” their continued support for his illegal program of surveillance on average American citizens. Without it, that support would surely evaporate and along with it his chances for prolonging this most despicable of domestic programs.

Why would Congress continue to roll over to this most renegade of U.S. presidents. There are many reasons but suffice it to say that the Democrats in Congress – as a whole – are simply not “there” on the need to clarify their intentions to themselves and to the American people. Democrats have not reached that point where they will dig in and give no more. Republicans are good at that. Democrats are inherently deficient in this capacity. They simply do not have that toughness or resolve.

This resolve is necessary because the Republicans will flail the Democrats for lack of patriotism and treasonous behavior unless they give unstinting and unquestioning fealty to Bush’s totalitarian approach to the fight on terrorism. The so-called fight against terrorism should now be seen for what it really is, the frightening prospect of an ever-swifter onslaught on our civil society and the complete “lock down” of all of U.S. society under the heel & boot of the Bush Doctrine of preemption – the preemption upon the U.S. citizenry.

The FISA emergency legislation approved by Congress on August 4, 2007 is due to expire on February 4, 2008. Unless it is allowed to expire the self-inflicted wounds upon this country by a rogue elite group of NeoCons will be made permanent and the transformation of U.S. society will be complete. It will be a Garrison State based on permanent war and conflict and infused with the doctrine of Fear & Terror as the guiding principles of a military state in perpetual military mode.