In the midst of the furious presidential primaries now taking place shouldn’t our energies as a nation be instead directed toward eradicating the stain of the horrifically unconstitutional misdeeds and misdemeanors perpetrated by the Bush-Cheney Administration.

As exciting as the primary horse races are, our focus should be directed toward removing a sitting vice president who has literally created a “5th Estate” – that remains outside of both the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch. Just call it the Dick Cheney Branch.

While the hour is late and the will is flagging, we need to proceed with all deliberate speed and do whatever small acts of citizenship we can carry out to see to it that this sitting vice president is held up to the bar of history for his vast conspiracy to commit massive crimes against the Constitution.

Congressman Robert Wexler (Dem.-Florida) has managed to call for impeachment hearings of Vice President Cheney. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (Dem.-Ohio) has been successful in getting his H.R. 799 Dick Cheney impeachment resolution before the house but it was immediately referred to the House Judiciary Committee. Unfortunately it is still bottled up in that committee and the odds are it will continue to languish there unless more pressure is brought to bear by citizens such as yourself. It seems that not enough democrats on that committee feel exercised enough to bring it up for a vote.

Please take a minute or two and call the Congressional Switchboard in the coming week. The number is – (202) 224-3121. Do it for your country, do it for yourself. It is the Right Thing To Do!