With today’s Wisconsin primary Barack Obama appears poised to mount a ferocious climactic charge toward wrapping up the Democratic nomination. Admittedly, the Clinton campaign is still struggling to come to grips with the juxtaposition they find themselves in. In a few short months, they have seen their clear frontrunner status dissolved into what can only be politely characterised as a candidacy-in-decline.

The Clinton campaign have placed their hopes for renewal in the states of Texas and Ohio. Unfortunately, recent polling shows the Texas primary race to be a virtual dead heat. Ohio, although hard hit by the economic slowdown will nonetheless not prove to be the treasure trove of delegate votes Hillary Clinton so desperately needs. Just as in the case of Texas , Ohio’s latino and white male voters, along with an increasing number of low-income voters are markedly shifting their allegiance to Barack Obama.

The polls indicate a 52%-40% Obama victory in Wisconsin at best and a 47%-43% win if Hillary shows greater strength. It is this writer’s contention that Obama will win in a walk in Wisconsin and make substantial inroads on those sectors of the voting public previously considered to be the bedrock of Senator Clinton’s support.

Just as Senator Eugene J. McCarthy of Minnesota unseated a sitting president and completely changed the political landscape in U.S. Politics in 1968 so too will Barack Obama “unseat” the established political orthodoxy and turn the political world in this country on its head.

As the opening line from the University of Wisconsin fight song goes …..”On Wisconsin!” …….