A "Fist-Bump" From The Obamas To McCain!!!

Well, John McCain will know what it’s really like to “Face-The-Nation”. Now that Senator Clinton has finally conceded the nomination to Barack Obama this morning at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., John McCain will spend the next 5 months on his heels, courtesy of that young upstart guy from Harvard, Barack Obama. John McCain is like the sound of one hand clapping. There is little substance there. Only a puffy face with locked jaws and stiff body movements peppered with “My Friends” while standing on stage.

It is this writer’s view that John McCain might be better served if his staff trotted out Cindy McCain and had her read standard talking points from the teleprompter. Simply restrict McSame to his traveling road show across the country in front of smaller groups at smaller venues. Just do like Willie Nelson and take that “On The Road Again” approach all the way up until November.

There’s simply no daylight of difference between Bush and McCain on any of the major issues as The McCainster has morphed from outright opposition to Bush before the 2004 Presidential election to virtual lock-step alignment. Cindy and her stilleto heels would be a much better antidote for the awkward predictament and inherent internal contradictions the McCain campaign now finds itself in. Not to mention the fact that his entire campaign is stocked with and run by LOBBYISTS.

His whole premise is Iraq and for that to have even the remotest of chances of succeeding he would be better off touring all of the municipalities across the country with populations of less than 50,000. He has virtually no chance of taking large urban areas – even in the Red States.

Finally, any consideration to have George W. Bush contribute to the Fall campaign would be most ill-advised. Were I running the McCain campaign I would use every ounce of effort to thwart any outward appearance of Bush appearing for or on behalf of John McCain. Bush would be better utilized simply doing stealth fund raising at a very low decibel and at very undisclosed locations.

Word to the Republicans: Don’t be afraid, be VERY, VERY afraid of this Obama guy. He pivots off direct attacks better than anyone could have imagined and he does it like water running off a duck’s back. Welcome to the Killing Season. McCain will end up as a trophy like deer antlers in your best friend’s den.