John McCain is not interested in WHEN, if ever, U.S. troops will leave Iraq. While being interviewed on the Today Show this past week McCain responded to a question of when U.S. troops would be leaving Iraq by replying that such a date was not important. Such complete and utter disregard for a time frame for U.S. troop withdrawal from a country we never should have invaded in the first place is shocking.

For McCain it is all about the casualties. Just keep that number down and everything is fine. Talk about a simpleton who hankers to be the next leader of the Free World. Maybe he should volunteer his trophy wife Cindy to don a uniform and join the boys overseas to ensure the continued stability of Iraq. Semper Fi, Cindy!

There is no justification for voting for a cretin like this Grampy/Gimpy McCain. His world view would put General George S. Patton to shame. 100-year wars. More wars after Iraq. Never-ending gasoline price increases. More killings, bombings, violence, ever-expanding U.S. hegemony, less and less benefits here at home for citizens, especially for returning U.S. GI’s.

McCain the maverick is an idea that died a long time ago. He keeps trotting out his credentials as a Maverick Republican who challenges his party’s position on major issues. The problem is he has completely reversed that course over the last four years in his relenteless quest for the White House.

It is his unqualified support for the Iraq War that will be McCain’s undoing. He led the charge for implementing the Surge that was put in place in early 2007 and he likewise staunchly defended General David Petraeus and his efforts to carry out that strategy. What has been lost on the public up until now is the fact that the Surge itself did not quell the violence. That accomplishment stems more from the Iraqi Cleric Muqtadar Al Sadr’s orders to his Mahdi Army to “stand-down” that he issued in the second half of last year.

With the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki publically renouncing the U.S. Status of Forces Agreement this week and Sadr simultaneously reissuing his call to arms against the U.S. invaders, the final straw to break the McCain Campaign’s back will be well in place before Labor Day. McCain has already admitted he doesn’t know much about or have an abiding interest in the U.S. economy. Now that the only presidential campaign prop he has left, i.e., the Surge in Iraq, is itself about to be kicked out from under him – McCain finds himself totally devoid of any serious presidential standing come this Fall.

There is something he could do to bolster his chances for the White House. Pick Ron Paul as his Vice-President. On the one hand, McCain could contine preaching his role as a maverick Republican while adopting virtually all of George Bush’s positions. On the other hand, with Paul as his vice-presidential running mate, McCain could reap the beneficial “spill-over” effects of the Ron Paul Libertarian philosophy that would attract younger and a fair share of independent voters. McCain could then continue to shore up his Republican base and perhaps make a real run out of this thing.

Realistically, Barack Obama will not allow John McCain any room for maneuvering. Unlike John Kerry in 2004, Obama will go on the offensive and STAY THERE until Election Day. This is the difference in this election. Obama will “bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb” McCain.