Call me stupid, but John McCain should not go around making God-like pronouncements like — “When we win in Iraq, I’ll be able to reduce the deficit by HALF!”

I can’t think of a candidate – in recent memory – with the propensity for sheer stupidity as John McCain. Yes, folks we’re gonna be in Iraq for 100 years, give or take. We ought to make tax cuts permanent. While we’re at it why are those Sunni Arabs training in Iran? Of course, we should start drilling oil offshore even if it’ll be years before we see meaningful price reductions. FISA immunity for telecom companies, of course. I never much liked the Fourth Amendment anyway. Why would we want to talk with our adversaries (Iran) when we can just bomb the hell out of them.

The latest outburst by the septunagerian where he claims he can halve the deficit by winning in Iraq is just plain chickenshift! McCain is a panderer – an habitual one at that. Whatever rhetoric it takes to mount the White House Throne John McCain will not hesitate to employ. For a war hero who held out for five long years rather than take an early exit home, John McCain is proving that the “lust for power” has turned him upside down and his moral compass has been obliterated.

The real problem with the McCain campaign is that its sheer silliness/fecklessness will doom any chances it has for a credible run for the White House. By the time the Republicans hold their convention in Minneapolis McCain will have nothing more to hang on to but the thought of a blistering thumping delivered by Barack Obama come November.

This campaign season is now clearly defined by the “old” vs. the “new” and it is this writer’s experience that more often than not the latter will best the former.

Since John McCain figures we’ll be in Iraq for another 100 years perhaps he could fly over there and invest in more real estate or have his wife take over the Iraqi beer industry with John McCain as its spokesman. What a racket. But then again, isn’t that what this has been all about from the get-go!