God, the wait is finally over! And the winner is …… JOE BIDEN, Democratic Senator from Delaware. Well, we now have a Democratic vice-presidential running mate for Barack Obama. And a good one at that. While there may be doubts about Biden’s sometimes locquaciousness and tendency to embellish the facts a bit (his 1988 presidential run cut short by plageurism), still in all he has solid foreign policy credentials and is known to be his own man and speak his own mind. He doesn’t waffle like the Mighty “Citizen” McCainster.

A short video of both men’s remarks at Springfield, Illinois this afternoon follow:

The following is an excerpt from Biden’s hometown paper – The Delaware Journal:

“This guy gets the big picture more intuitively and intellectually than anyone I’ve worked with,” said the 36-year senator. “So hopeflly I can help fill in some of the blanks. Hopefully I can fill in some of the details.”

“The one thing I’m convinced of is that Barack Obama is actually looking for somebody to be a partner in the sense that, someone who when the door’s closed will give him his honest unvarnished opinion and who will the support the judgment he makes,” he said. “I look forward…to a great relationship.”

The McCain campaign immediately launched an attack ad within minutes of the news of the selection of Biden as the Democratic vice presidential running mate.

In the words of the McCain campaign:

“There has been no harsher critic of Barack Obama’s lack of experience than Joe Biden,” McCain campaign spokesman Ben Porritt said in a statement. “Biden has denounced Barack Obama’s poor foreign policy judgment and has strongly argued in his own words what Americans are quickly realizing — that Barack Obama is not ready to be president.”

That may be so, but as we all know Hillary Clinton has been saying that about Barack Obama all along and at a far more prodigious rate.

Obama and Biden will be off on a 5-state road tour of the midwest starting later on today with the intent of launching the Fall campaign off in a big way through the crucial swing-states of the upper midwest.

One thing that John McCain cannot afford to do is go overly-critical of Joe Biden because John McCain may very well pick Mitt Romney for his vice-presidential running mate and we know what Romney said about McCain during the primaries.

All in all the democrats look extremely well positioned for the Fall election and barring a collosal breakdown between now and November the White House should witness an incoming Democratic administration along with -hopefully – a veto-proof Senate to quickly undo the damage done by the worst presidential administration in U.S. history.

Bye, bye to the McCain “straight-talk” express and hello to the “just-in-time” presidency of Barack Obama.