Okay, okay – let’s everyone repeat it: “Sarah Palin (aka “Joe” Stalin). Actually – the “a” is pronounced a long-A. But it would be fine, otherwise!

Well, let’s listen to what Steven Colbert has to say on the newly selected GOP vice-presidential running mate to John McCain:

I just think I’ll let Steven Colbert have the “last say” on all this. I can only add that she grew up and never left her hometown — Wasilla, Alaska – about an hour north of Anchorage. And that: (1) Sarah Palin was Miss Wasilla High 1984; (2) Ms. Alaska Runner-Up (1984); (3) city council member of Wasilla; (4) mayor of Wasilla from 1996-2007; (5) then, Governor of Alaska since 2007. Wow!

By the way, her maiden name – for anyone interested – is “Heath”.

Remember, Alaska has only about 215,000 registered voters – Ms. Palin got about 115,000 of those! Not exactly an overwhelming political endorsement to be a “heart-beat” away from the Highest Office in the Land!

You decide.

Welcome to John McCain’s – “Twilight-Zone” – where experience (aka Obama) is inexperience and inexperience (aka Palin) is really – EXPERIENCE.