In essence, Tuesday’s 2014 Mid-Term election was a victory for the “Stupid” that, in large part, is attributable to “Dark” money and the ongoing, ever-worsening income inequality taking place in this country.
The Corporate Media (GOP-Centric) is peeling off would-be progressive, moderate voters one-by-one who in turn end up either not voting, or voting for the regressive, repressive aggressive GOP!  It’s an Army of “Stupids”!
In the background we have the “Dark” money at work and the President of the Citizens United political action group so admitted to that very fact on Wednesday when he declared it had “leveled the playing field”.
Super-imposed over all of this is the very real ongoing economic drama of the top  1% continuing their unabated grasp for ever-increasing control of the country’s economic wealth/assets.
The Army of the “Stupids” – fueled by “Dark” money propaganda are, in fact, enduring the brutal consequences of a monied elite (the top 1%) who have stretched the social and economic fabric of this country to the inth degree which in turn has totally bent out of shape the everyday lives of not only the “Stupids” but everyone else as well.
It is this Army of the “Stupids” (roughly 25% of the electorate) that is in control at the moment.  They only see their everyday lot and are nowhere close to connecting the dots that lead directly from their miserable economic existence to the fantastical opulent wealth of the top 1% which is stripping the very bark off of the tree of economic prosperity in this country.  The country overall  is, in fact, doing well (the stock market is way up, unemployment is substantially down, the  national debt is way down, etc.) but who, after all, is really doing well?   The elite, the TOP 1%.  Everyone else is fast becoming an indentured servant!
We can now rephrase that famous saying – (“To The Victor, Goes The Spoils”) – TO – “To The Stupid, Goes The Power”.

RevereGuy/NightRider – (We Ride — You Decide)

I’d like to think we’re finally over the “hump”!


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