Jeb Bush, when asked this week by Megyn Kelly of Fox News whether he would have invaded Iraq in 2003, knowing what we know now replied:  “YES”.
The Guy doesn’t have the balls to say his brother – “W” – Fucked Up and brought this country into the mother of all quagmires! He literally jib-jabs on the question of whether or not his brother was right to invade Iraq in March 2003 saying only that the information at that time justified an invasion – never mind the fact that the information at that time was gerry-rigged by Vice President Dick Cheney to “create” evidence – out of whole cloth – that weapons of mass destruction were in fact present inside Iraq.
And, never mind the fact that on On May 5, 2002: A group of Republican and Democratic Senators went to the White House to meet with Condoleezza Rice, the President’s National Security Adviser. Bush was not scheduled to attend but poked his head in anyway — and soon turned the discussion to Iraq. He showed little interest in debating what to do about Saddam. What Bush said was, “Fuck Saddam, we’re taking him out.” (http://boomantribune.com — 5-16-15)
Then he deflects the question with the retort that it was Hillary who voted FOR THE IRAQ WAR.
That still begs the question, Jebbie Boy —-> Knowing What We Know NOW —> Who In Their Right Mind Would Have Invaded Iraq In The 1st Place.
Jeb is a tool. He won’t gain any traction in Iowa, the first primary/caucus state in January-2016.  He might do moderately well in New Hampshire but he’ll be joined by at least 3 or 4 other GOP hyenas and by the time the South Carolina primary rolls around it will be Jeb somewhere in 3rd place and “facing” long odds of ever gaining the GOP nomination.
Jeb will have to figure out where to direct his substantial financial resources into the one candidate outside of himself that will be the likely GOP nominee in 2016 – thereby at least garnering a possible place at the table in a GOP White House – as a cabinet member.
Jeb is not going to galvanize any appreciable number of voters to adequately distance himself from the likes of Scott Walker and Rand Paul and Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee.  Better to buy your way into a cabinet-level slot and figure on another run in 4 years, 2020.
Jeb will continue to jib-jab his way through the primaries without really carving out a distinct niche for himself to substantially differentiate himself from the other candidates. He is a bland, boring man with absolutely no imagination, vision or zeitgeist!
Jeb, just get a job on Wall Street. They love you as your already area. Investment banking would pay you handsomely and you could still rub shoulders with the movers and shakers.
RevereGuy/NightRider – (We Ride — You Decide)

I’d like to think we’re finally over the “hump”!


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