I’m Just WILD About Bernie!

BERNIAC --- 2-18-16


I’m just wild about Bernie
And Bernie’s bonkers about me
The heavenly blisses of his kitsches
Fills me with ecstasy
He’s neat just like apricot brandy
Or like a fancy schmantsy tv
Oh, I’m just wild about Bernie
And he’s just zydeco about me
Now, I’m just wild about the Sandwich
And the Sandwich is wild about me
The heavenly blitzes of his blintzes
Fills me with ecstasy
Say now, he’s one neat Jim Dandy
Or like a Mack-Daddy from Miami
Oh, I’m just wild about Bernie
And he’s just all ape-shit about me
Cannot do without
He’s just zydeco about me


RevereGuy/NightRider – (We Ride — You Decide)

I’d like to think we’re finally over the “hump”!


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