TRUMP PANTIES --- 5-9-16



TRUMP’S sweet sword
Oh, Yeah, his sword
Praise the lord
Really wants to tease you
Really wants to stick it to you
Really wants to plough that sword
BUT it ain’t so long, his sword
TRUMP’S sweet sword
Oh, sweet Lord
Really wants to show you
And go toe-to-toe with you
Really wants to show that sword
But it won’t get long, TRUMP’S sword
His sweet sword
It’s stiff as a board
That damn sweet sword
Really wants to freak you
Really wants to bleep you
Really wants to tweak you
Really wants to creep you
BUT it won’t get very long
TRUMP’S sweet sword
Hm, that sword
My, my, that sword
Really wants to bro’ w/you
Really wants to grow on you
Really wants to show some sword
But, alas, it won’t get long
TRUMP’S sweet sword
YES, TIS, HIS sword
Hm, his sword
Such a damn cute sword
Sure looks like it could SOAR
JUST Makes him a cheap whore
Really wants to Brooklyn you
Even Hackensack on you
Needs to super-size that sword
Then RE-TWEET it ALL overboard
Hm, his sword
Tis smaller than a gourd
Let him tweet that sword
Such a tiny, tiny sword
What a slimy little sword
Ain’t no magic chord
His petite LITTLE sword
Such a fucking, fucking whore
That petite LITTLE sword
Makes TRUMP a dirty whore
His Sweet Sword
Donald’s Sweet Sword
Trump’s Sweet Sword
His Sweet Sword


RevereGuy/NightRider – (We Ride — You Decide)

I’d like to think we’re finally over the “hump”!

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