BERNIAC --- 2-18-16


As Of Today — May 28, 2016 —


It Looks Like “Bust” Won OUT In This Instance!


And Now, It’s Up To You To Bow Out GRACEFULLY!


Bernie, You Gave It A GO, But NOW, You Got To GO + GO NOW!


BERNIE — Don’t Wage Any 5th Column Shennanigans Here — To Do So Will Only
Write Your Own OBITUARY In Politics!.


Hillary Has 2,310 Delegates — It Takes 2,383 To Clinch The Democratic Nomination — So It Looks Like She Only NEEDS Another “73” To Do Just That!  She’ll Have It Sewn Up For Sure When New Jersey’s Vote Is Counted On The Evening Of June 7th!


Bernie, You Still NEED Close To 800 Delegates To Capture The Nomination!  You’ve LOST, Bernie, Accept That Fact & “Turn The Page”!


And, BTW —-> Your Utter FIXATION On “Economic Populism” —–> ALL Directed @ The White Working Class Voter —-> Failed To Take Into Account Their Underlying Racism & Sexism That Pretty Much Cancelled Out A Lot Of Your Economic Proselytizing.  You Were A One-Trick Pony, BERN-MAN!!!


You’re NOW Left With “Tinkering” With The Democratic Platform & Trying To Oust Debbie Wasserman Schultz As DNC ChairWoman!  Personally, I Don’t Think It Makes Any Difference Who The Fuck THE DNC Chairman Is As Long As They Can Advance The Party’s Interests.  And, Hillary Is Free To NOT Run On The Damned Platform — So, Knock Yourself Out —> (& Please, Don’t Give Me This Crap About The “Pay-Day-Loan” Shit & Debbie Wasserman Schltz!)


The Crux Of The Matter, Bern-BABY, Is This:  You Better Get Your Keester In Gear Come Labor Day (September) & Work Your Bagels Off To Get Hillary Elected On Nov. 8, 2016!  We’re So OVER Your Whining & Kvetching!


You’ve Already Burned Through A Lot Of Political Capital, So Don’t Think You Can Go On & On Interminably Harping & Carping Away At The Democratic Establishment!.


At The End Of The Day It’ll Still Be Here, LONG After You’re Smoldering In The Ground, AMIGO!  Try Some Of The Butter-Squash HUUMUS, It’s DIVINE!


RevereGuy/NightRider – (We Ride — You Decide)
I’d like to think we’re finally over the “hump”!

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