TRUMP --- GOP'S BABY --- 8-6-16


Donald Trump — Is Such A Lout That He Won’t Deliver A Concession Speech On Nov. 8, 2016.     —-   ( – for the AUDIO!)  
No, He’ll Just Tweet It Out In 140 Characters.
What A Fucking Punk!  He’s A Piece Of Ornamental Junk!.
But, What Can You Say, The DON Is In A Bit Of A Funk, Come Nov. 8th-2016!.
.s His Tweet To Madam Secretary As He Loses The Presidency In Epic, Earth-
Here’s Trump’s TWEET!
“Crooked Hillary – Damn, Lost 2 A Crook, Crooked Hill – She Rigged Election – She’s Crooked – Her Campaign’s Crooked – Crooked From Beginning”
There You Have It Folks!  America’s Finest Asshole Exiting The 2016 Presidential Race, Not With A Bang, But With A Whimper!.
Donald, If You Think You’ll Be Raking It In Financially, Think Again! — You’ll Be In Roberto Duran Country — The Ill-Fated Panamanian Boxer Who Just Suddenly Quit Fighting In The Eighth Round Of The World Middle-Weight Boxing Title Bout With Sugar Ray Leonard — With The Quip — “No Mas” —- (No More!).
London Bridges, Falling Down, Falling Down, Falling Down, London Bridges, Falling Down, My Fair Lady! —-> That’s You, Donnie BABY!.
Maybe The World Could Use Another “Chintzy” Trump Hotel Somewhere, Like, In Aruba, Poster-Boy! 
RevereGuy/NightRider – (We Ride — You Decide)
I’d like to think we’re finally over the “hump”!

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