Except For Tex-Ass, Okie-Oklahoma, Nebr-Assska, “What’s-The-Matter-With” Kansas, Why-oming & “Joe” Montana, Trump Doesn’t Really Have Any “Safe” States In This 2016 Presidential Election. Everybody is Wetting Their Panties Over The Mere “Possibility” Of Trump Winning!  Come One, Numb-Nuts!  The Only Thing Trump Is Going To Win Is A Very “Nice” Long Vacation!
Trump Has Already Reached His Ceiling, And Yes, He Has A “Fixed” Ceiling Of Support!  It Hovers Around 42%.  It Won’t Get Higher And The Chances Are More Likely That It Will Drift Downward — To 37%-38-%.
Hillary Is Lying In Wait, Now That The “Real” General Election Is Upon Us (Post-Labor Day).  She’s Really Done Almost Everything Right As Far As Positioning And Strategy. She’s Made Trips To The Critical Swing States – (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Virginia, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida).  More Importantly, She’s Stood By Quietly And Let Donald Trump Continue To Shoot Off His Big Fat Mouth!  Madam Secretary Is More Than Ready To Dismantle Trump, Limb-By-Limb, Piece-By-Piece, Like A Brutal Cross-Examination In The Court Room!
With 3 Weeks To Go Before The First Scheduled Debate – (Sept. 26th) – Madam Secretary Will No Doubt “Lob” Out Various Incendiaries At Trump To Provoke A Response From Him To Then Use Against Him In The Upcoming Debates.  Trump Is Only All Too-Willing To Accommodate Taking The “Bait” – Via Twitter.  By Doing So, Hillary Will Force Trump To Etch An Even Starker Contrast Between Herself And Trump As Presidential Candidates. The Ultimate Upshot Is That Trump Will Easily Come Across As An “Overbearing” Ogre While Madam Secretary, Irregardless Of The Specious Distractions Surrounding Her, Will Only Look More Presidential And As Someone With The Resolve Required To Be Commander-In-Chief.
All Trump Has Left In His Arsenal Is “Huffing + Puffing”.  He Is Bereft Of Anything Else, In Large Part Because He Has Not Really Come Up With Any Real Noteworthy Policy Proposals Aside From A Still-Spotty, Confusing Immigration Agenda, That In Reality, Is More Rope-A-Dope Than Anything Else.  Mass Deportations —- Forget About That Scheisse.  Ditto With The “Criminal” Element.  Regarding His Goddamned WALL, Trump Seems To Be Talking To A “Wall” And No One Else As The Mexican President Has Iterated Twice That Mexico Will NEVER Pay For Any Wall.
So We Have A Candidate Who Is Virtually A White Nationalist Dressed Up In A Suit And Tie Going Around The Country Spouting Off Platitudes That Are Not Worth Bupkus After All Is Said And Done.
But, Then, We’ll Have The Debates.  Ah, Yes, The Debates.  All We Can Say Is That If There Is Anything Left To “Debate”, It Won’t Be Whether Or Not Trump Possesses The Character Or Has The Makeup To Assume The Mantle Of Commander-In-Chief.  Both Candidates Will Be Side-By-Side With No Place To Hide For Either One.  If Trump Thinks He’s Going To “Punk” Madam Secretary I’d Only Advise Him That He Better Check His Jock Before He Leaves That Stage To Make Sure He’s Got His “Junk” Left Intact!  Hillary Has a Hide Thicker Than A Rhinoceros And A Battering Ram On Her Forehead To Match.  This Is A “Cage” Match And I’m Afraid “Pretty Boy” Trump Is No Match.  He’ll Be Lucky To Leave With His “Toupee” Intact!  
If There Are 3 Actual Debates, Madam Secretary Will Have Demonstrated To One And All That “Little Boy Blue” Is A PudFucker Who Should Turn High-Tail Back To Brooklyn And Try Fleecing Manhattan Billionaires.  Regarding Election Night Returns, Trump Will Be Hard-Pressed To Win 10-12 States And If He Gets 150 Electoral Votes It’ll Be Miraculous.  More Likely He Will Lose A Good Many Normally Red States And End Up With 125-150 Electoral Votes And Will Garner No More Than 37-38% Of The Popular Vote!  Yes, He Is That Detested And That Bad Of A Candidate!  In Short, He Was Beaten, Beaten Like A Fucking DRUM!  Yadda-Bing, Yadda-Bang, Yadda-Bing!!!
RoughRider/NightRider – (We Ride — You Decide)
I’d like to think we’re finally over the “hump”!


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