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Dear Cheetos-In-Chief —
If you truly want peace with the Imperial Kingdom
You must travel to pyongyang and lick my boots & thereby show total fealty to your “Dear Leader”
Otherwise we will continue with the LongDong # 10 —-
Which is able to reach Trump Tower — (Melania & Baron)
& we’re also working on the LongDong #11 — that’s able to reach Mar-A-Lego
You will lick the boots of the “Dear Leader”, Oh Cheetos-One!
You will dance to our bamboo flute rhapsody
We will show you a live demonstration of our most advanced weaponry
And then, we’ll give you a Golden Showers Show that you will NEVER forget!
Yes, Dear “Orange” Blossom, the Hermit Kingdom beckons you come
We will shower you with bosoms beyond belief
We will provide you with a harem worthy of Omar Shariff & Omar Quadaffi
You will want for nothing and it will be most BIGLEY — as Bigley as you can make it!!!
Oh, Comrade Cheetos, leader of the decadent West
You cannot defeat us with your words and actions
No, we will never kow-tow to an Orange Infidel
We will fight to the last rice paddy, to the last bowl of rice, to the last clump of coal
Mr. Marmalade, you cannot stop us, our missiles will not heed your tweets
You’re a paper tiger without teeth
And besides, we know you have very small hands, what do we fear?
No, Orange-Man, we are beyond your influence and power
We aim to replace your name from Trump Tower
It will then be known as “Dear Leader” Skyscraper
Lick Dear Leader’s boots and dine on chocolate cake filled with cognac
And we will then reconsider our bomb building programs
We await your response because we know you will
As a show of good faith, we will gladly pay you for one of your golf courses
And we’ll rename it Dear Leader Master Of The Sand Traps
We will sell Dear Leader sports apparell and split the profits with South Korea
Oh, Hair-On-Fire leader of a declining war mongerer
Fly to our Kingdome on one of our 40-year old Koryo jets
Dine fabulously on the one item on the menu, frozen artificial hamburgers – served just above freezing
And fly into North Korea in total pitch-black darkness until the lights of Pyongyang airport appear
Kim Jong-un knows when he’s won and won he has
He’s getting his boots ready for polishing to reflect the noon sun
Now, Old Orange-Cremed One, you must likewise get ready
Begin licking envelopes and postage stamps to do justice to Dear Leader’s boots
The road to peace is clear, the “ball” is in your court Orange-man
You can’t stop 105-years of insanity of the Hermit Kingdom
But, you’re a man of action and a tongue to back it up
Take action, take tongue, and lick it — lick it good — lick Dear Leader!.

RoughRider/NightRider – (We Ride — You Decide)

I’d like to think we’re finally over the “hump”!