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Trump/Drumpf Knows Only One Tactic —
He’s Got More Shuck + Jive Than
Don King On Steroids!
Trump Should’ve Been A Boxing Promoter
Putting A “Spin” On A Bout With
Two Fighting “Stiffs”
As The Fight Of The Century
The “Catch” Is To Feature A Great White Hope
A White Boxer With A Fighting Chance Of
Becoming A World Champion
That Somehow Last 15 Rounds With His Face Fully Intact!
The Fight Would Take Place
At One Of Trump’s Defunked Casinos
The White Fighter Would Look Like Rocky
The Champion Like Apollo Creed
The White Fighter Was “Pulled”
From The Mean Streets Of Brooklyn/Queens
Trump’s Team Would Supplement This Fighter
With A Steady Stream Of Steroids & HGH Injections
Trump Would Also “Second” As The Ring Announcer
“Ladies & Gentlemen, The Heavyweight Championship Of The Universe”
In This Corner Hammering Sledge Hammer Johnson
In That Corner Buzz Saw Jackson
Trump Ain’t In It For The Long-Term
Just Long Enough To Work His “Rope-A-Dope”
Snag Enough Idiot-Paying Patrons
To Watch A Human Spectacle Of Full-Blown Chicanery
Trump Could Make It A 5-Bout Production
His White Fighter Fighting 4 Others
Then, With Each “Win” Finally Moving On To
The Heavyweight Title Bout With The World Champion
The Title Fight Would Be At The Taj Mahal –
Trump’s Former Bankrupt Casino — (Now Under New/Better Management)
Trump’d Be The Ring Announcer Himself
Guaranteeing The “Fight Of The Century”!
Then, The Title Fight Begins
And Lasts But 15-Seconds
Trump’s Eyes “Bug-Out”
His Security Team Swiftly Whisks Him Away Out Through The Tunnel
Then On To His Helicopter
To An Undisclosed Location
But, Hell, The Spectacle Of It All
That’s What We Have As A Fucking President!
The Spectacle Of It All!!!!!


RoughRider/NightRider – (We Ride — You Decide)

I’d like to think we’re finally over the “hump”!