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Joe Kennedy III Calling For An Independent/Special Prosecutor 


In Like Flynn
Out Like Flynn
Comey Ain’t Donnie’s Favorite “Homey”
Comey Wasn’t Going For Any Baloney
Comey Was, Instead, Headed For The Russian Provolone
Alas, Comey Was Displaying Too Much Cajone
Comey Was Chasing After Russian Ma-Money
That Was Linked To The Donald’s Russian RigaMaRoney
All Roads Lead Back To The Oval Hippodrome
So, Comey Had To Go Homey
Donnie Said, Yep, Jimbo Done Close To Stone Me
So, Jimbo Got To Leave All Alone Me
Comey, You’re Fired & So Long Me
In Like Flynn
Out Like Flynn
FBI Ain’t Gonna Stick A Thumb In My Eye
I Gonna Shut Down Their Russia Probe
FBI Ain’t Gonna Stick A Thumb In My Eye
I Gonna Get Rid Of Their Mother Lode
Comey, You Don’t Know Me
You Don’t Owe Me, But You Don’t Own Me
So, I Sure Do Want To Disown Thee
So, Get Thee Ready To Roam Free
Clear Your Desk Out & Hit The Road Homey
Paul, Roger, Mike & Carter Will Go Slow For Me
Jimbo You Stay Home And Play Your Trombone
We’ll Cover Things Here And Spread Some Salomey
No Hard Feelings Comey
No Hard Feelings, Shalome
We’ll Send You Over Some Spamoni
And Try To Make You Feel Right At Homey
Bye-Bye, Ta-Ta, You Could Call Loan-Me
Ask For A Cash-Advance To Take A Nice Trip Overseas
Maybe A Quick Sojourn To A-Rome-Me
And Try Out That World-Famous Rigatoni
Comey, Comey, You’ve Shown Me, Shown Me
You’re Good When You Ain’t Home-Me
So, Stay Abroad Awhile, Stuff Yourselves On Cheese + Macaroni
See You On The Slopes Of Sochi, Decked Out In Versace
Comey, No Baloney, You’re Now All Aloney
But We’ve Known All Along, You’re Just A Big Fucking PHONEY!
But, To Be Quite Abalone About it
So Is Your Donald Trumponi
So Is Your Donald Trumponi
I Gets All My Money From Russian Strombone
And Now No One Will Be On To me
No, Comey, You Be Gone Like Skip Mahoney
And Donald Be Home Free Like Tarzan & His Monkey
Now, Comey, You’ll Be My Favorite Homey
Quiet As A Mouse, Late At Night In The House
Now, Comey, You’ll Be Thrown From Me
And My Russian Doves Can Proceed To Completely OWN ME!


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