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Hi Ho, Hi Ho
It’s Off To Prison We Go
I Did My Crime, Must Do My Time
Hi Ho, Hi Ho
The Name Is Trump
Just A Two-Bit Chump
I Sit On A Chair, With Legs Spread Wide
Just Like A Big Dump
Hi Ho, Hi Ho
Off To Build That Wall
We Need A Hammer, We Need A Saw
Hi Ho, Hi Ho
Oh No, Oh No
Got A Congressional Call
Mr. President Sir, Just Wanted You To Know
Fuck Your Wall, Fuck Your Wall
Hi Ho, Hi Ho
Let’s Scuttle OBAMA Health Care
The Rich Need Money, More Than You Care
Hi Ho, Hi Ho
Mike Flynn, Mike Flynn
Love Him Worse Than Sin
He’s A Lying Shit Bag, But He’s Got Such Swag
Heidi Ho, Heidi Ho
Jeff Sessions, Jeff Sessions
Oh, But He’s Got Such Confessions
But He’s All About God, & He Sure Hates Pot
Makes His Eyes Roll, Eyes Roll
Hi Ho, Hi Ho
Jeff Kushner Will Makes Thing Go
He’s Got The Job, To Keep Close To The Mob
Love That Big Shiskabob
Ivanka, My Pet
Just Thinking Of You I Get Wet
You Tender Touch, Moves Me Way Much
My Oh, Oh Sigh
We Lie, We Cheat
Learned It All From The Street
Can’t Stop Us Now, Don’t Even Try
Ivanka, Please, I Want Your Thigh
My Vladi, My Puti
I’m So Stuck On You-Ti
You’ve Goosed Me Good, I Knew You Would
You Go High, We Go Low
To Hell, To Hell
But It’s Been All So Swell
We Took It All, Fuck The Law
Hi Ho, Hi Ho
Melania, My Tart
Looks Like Its Time To Part
I’ll Grab Your Scarf, Please Don’t Barf
We Need A New Start
So Long, Adieu
Enjoyed The West Wing View
But Its Back To Palm Beach, For This Old Leech
Life’s A Beach, A Real Beach

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