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That Macron Done Got A Vice Grip
Of A Handshake
That Drumpf Dude Got Punked
By The Man From Gaul With Such Gall — Ha-Ha-Ha!!!
Drumpf Thinks He Be Such A Player
But, Fuck It, He’s Just A Nay-Sayer
Even Angela Merkel Got In A Punk
Went Nose To Nose With The Drumpf
The Prime Minister Of Montenegro
That Drumpf Pushed Aside
Says, Come On Homey, Come To My Crib
And Try Sticking It To Me In The Rib
Yo, Even Teresa May, Of The Great Brit
Thinking To Herself, What A Fucking Shit
This Manchild From The Flatbush Circuit
Should’ve Grab His Junk While He Was Out In Front!
Trump Then Lands Back In U.S.A.
Finds Out His Son-In-Law Is A Big Expose
Seems Baby-Faced Jerod Went Out On A Limb
Suggested A Secret Back-Channel To The Kremlin
Lordy, Lands-O’Goshen, Crossed Two Oceans
Come Back & Find Out, So Much Fucking Commotion
Time To Call In Red A’Dair & Plug Them Oil Well Fires
Or We’ll Find Outselves Wearing Neckties Made Out Of Burning Tires
Call In My Homies From The Hood
Got To Tap Down All Of This Ineptitude
1st Things 1st, Go After Comey
If I Don’t, He’ll Have Me Turned Into Baloney
Next, I Go For Mueller
Gonna Make Him Turn Yeller
He Works For Me
Can Always Cut’im Loose & Free
It’s The Trumps Against Elites
We Got The Edge, We Be Good @ Cheats
Sharpen Our Knives, Go For The Throat
Then Wash Our Hands With Palmolive Soap
We’ll Slip And Slide For 4-More Years
We’ll Shuck + Jive, & Bake & Shake
We’ll Pick Your Pockets, And Take Your Cash
Then We’ll Leave & Count Our Mountain Of Stash
My White Brethern In The Boonies
They Love Me Like Loonies
I Can’t Lose, I’ll Win Bigley
I’ll Get All My Groceries From The Pigley-Wigley
So You Hillary Crooks, You’re A Bunch Of Snooks
I Got This Covered And I’ll Get Off Scott Free
Unless Mueller, The Robert, Hands Down A Subpoena Decree
Then In That Case I’ll Be Fucked Back Into The Sea
So, Maybe I’ll Just Fade Away And Ease On Back To Mar-A-Lego
And Do A Woodrow Wilson & Feign A Debilitating Stroke
And Then Sneak On Out @ Night & Run The Tables
And Bring My Ladies Back With Me Into The Stables
I’ll Leave It All Up To Pence To Finish Out The Term
Don’t Think I’ll Be In Shape, I’m Starting To Squirm
If Pence Goes Then I’ll Just Shoot For Barbados
And All Bets Are Off — I’ll Place It All On Las Vegas
Yes, One Last Roll Of The Dice
I’ll Put Everything On That Russian Paradise
Deep Into The Siberian Wilderness
To Be With My Sweetie, Vladimir, My Beloved Sereneness
Don’t Weep For Me, I’ve Rolled It Big
Now Time To Leave Before I Become Wrinkled Like A Fig
Me And Puti Riding Bareback & Buck Naked
Trashing Everything That Is Good And Sacred
You Can Do Anything In The Siberian Wilderness
Even More Than You Can Do In Inverness
Me And Puti, He’s My Cutie
Love His Booty, Such A Beauty
We’ll Ride That One Horse Off Into The Woods
We’ll Disappear For At Least One Year
Then Return Buck Naked & Showin’ Our Goods
Oh Puti, My Sweetie, My Kremlin KGB Dear
We’ll Grow Old Together, Whip Each Other With Leather
We’ll Hold Each Other So Manly, Oh, So Handily
But I Ask One Thing, & One Thing Only
Don’t Ever Mention The Name Of That Fucking Jim Comey!!!