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Abandon ALL Hope — All Ye Who Enter Here!
30% Of Us
Will Lead The Rest Of You 70% Around By The NOSE!!
Trump Supporters Have Plumber’s Cracks, Poop In Their Pants + Then Sit Down On It!
There’s Simply No Hope — They’re Smacked Up On Smoke, Dope, Crack & Blow!
But, They Can Still Show Up For Those “Pimp” Rallies, Waving Their Flag & Middle Finger!
They All Are Pimp-Daddy “Wannabees”
Drumpf Is Just Their “Big, Puffed-Up, Blow-Daddy”
Reality Is For The Fucking History Books
Fake Is Our “Snake” – It’s So Damned Jake!
Trump Now, Trump Forever, Trump, Whatever
Just Open Up Them Damned Dispensaries
Pass Out Them Opiods/Vicodin & Codeine
And We’ll BLINDLY Vote For You For All Eternity
Daddy Trump, We Loves Ya
We Worship You, Hallelujah
We White, We Right, We Simply Out-Of-Sight
Make America Straight Again
Make America Hate Again
Make America Asphyxiate Again
Don’t Fuck Me Over With Facts
Feed Me Lies, We’ll Eat’em Up Like Greasy French Fries
And Then Wipe Our Fingers Clean
On Our Big, Fat, Fleshy Thighs
We Just Vote With Our Cocks
And Carry Around Our Big Bad-Ass Fire-Arm Glocks
We Talk A Lot Of Hate
Don’t Tell Us To Dissipate
To Us It’s Like Poopin’ In Public
Or Swimmin’ Nekid In The Lake
Trumperz We Be
Trumperz We Free
Don’t Mess With Us
Cause We’ll Just Smoke More Of That Green Lettuce
We Dumb, We White,
We Can’t Even Jump Over A Candle Light
But We Got You In Our Gun Site
So Step Away & We’ll Be On Our Way
We Speak In Gibberish
And Stuff Down Store-Bought Licorice
Get On The Internets
Look For Our Favorite Trump Silhouettes
Pray That Sarah Palin Runs In 2024
We Just Ready To Run Up The Score
Trump Is Our Candy Store
We Couldn’t Ask For More
We’ll Stop For Now
Time To Have Another Brown Cow
See You Around At The Pigly Wigly
Yes, We’ll Drive You Fucking Willy Nilly