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6-foot, eight — ain’t overweight
chiseled jaw — hair all in place
Comey come, but not to equivocate
No, he come to smack Drump in the face
He done just that today — on nationwide tv
He done smacked the Dump — with those pearly teeth
Comey says the Dump did him wrong — with his lies so strong
So, Comey smacked it back to Drumpf for stringing him along
January 27 Orange Man asks Comey to kneel
And pledge unconditional loyalty to Mr. banana peel
Comey says no can do – I no can do
But I’ll try to be ever-honest with you
On February 14 Dump ask FBI man to drop Flynn thing
Comey counters – no, not for all of your bling-bling
Drumpf crowds Comey, come on, bro’ you owe me
Comey shoot back, hey, I ain’t your homie
On March 30 Oval Office Orifice calls Comey
Man, I gots this cloud over me — can you take pity
Comey rebuffs, and huffs, no way, that sounds shitty
So, Dump is thinkin’, man you full of baloney
April come, April go, Trump stumped, shit-faced
May comes and the Dump reloads and dumps Comey
Then twists it in & says Comey better hope Dump has no tapes
But FBI man says bring it on Orange, you just made some big mistakes
Comey, ain’t no provolone, kept meticulous memorande
Of all his Trump Trists & all those Trump tricks
So, guess what, Comey came to Senate Intel armed + loaded
And laid it all down and then watched white house as it imploded
But he saved the best for the biggest
Called the Oval Fucker a Fucking liar
For defaming Comey + FBI — as in shambles + disarray
Which was never true, but something Mr. liar pulled out of the blue
So, to conclude, amigos, kiss this A-hole goodybe
Drumpf get the moving van to back up to South Portico
You’ve reached the end of this saga – my how time flies
When you’re having fun with stupid and your nose becomes pinochio