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Vlad, We Need You Now More Than Ever
Vlad, We Will Seed You, Like Green Clover
Vlad, We Like Your Creed, Even Your Screed
Vlad, Me Trump, Likey You More Than My Mother
Vlad, Me Trump, Lookey @ You Through The Day
Vlad, Me Trump, Lookey @ You Every Single Day
Oh, Vlad, I Want To Be You When I Grow Up
Yes, Vlad, Just Like You So I Can Fucking Cope
Vlad, You’re My Favorite Impaler
Vlad, You’re Better Than My Nasal Inhaler
Vlad, Squeeze Me With Those Big Strong Hands
Oh, Vladi, Tease Me With Those Big Russian Glands
Vladi, Puti, I’ll Even Share My Bed With You, Sweetie
Vladi, When I Look Into Your Eyes, I Want To Do Lots Of Tweetie
Vladi, Please Come Visit Me Again, Real Soon
Vladi, Our Tryst In Hamburg, Put Me In A Full-Metal Swoon
Oh, Puti, You A Cutie, Love That Booty, & U Even NOT Snooty
Oh, Vladi, I Could Just Kiss You On Your Russian Luger
Oh, Vladi, I Could Just Obtain Bliss Looking At Your Uber
Yes, Vladi, I Declare My Fealty To Your Manly Schluber
Vlad, Let’s Take That Midnight Ride Through The Forest
Vlad, We Can Make Whoopee On Horseback Before We Get Too Sorest
Puti, Sweetie, Take My Small Hands & Put Them On Your KGB’S
Puti, Honey-Suckle, Let Me Caress Your Hair As We Listen To The BG’S
My Czar, Your Gaze Has Me In An Absolute Daze
My Czar, Your Blaze Knocks Me Out That My Mind’s In A Haze
Come, Puti, Let’s Steal Away In My Long, Black Car
Come, Puti, Let’s Peel It All AWAY – With That Long Cuban Cigar
Oh, Daccha Man, Your Burly Chest Shimmering In The Summer Breeze
Oh, Daccha Man, Your Curly Crest Below Your Navel In Our Slumber & Sleaze
Oh, Daccha Man, Your Surly Thighs, Swiveling Towards Me, OOO-WEEE
Oh, Daccha Man, Your Girly Smile & Twinkling Eyes Make For Whoopeee
Trump Boy Want + Need His Russian Bear Man
Trump Boy Kneel Before His Russian Chairman
Trump Boy Squeal When He’s In The Arms Of Sexy Vladi
Trump Boy Peel — Down To Nothing — For His Sir Galahadi
Oh, Puti, My Dearest Vladi, Run Your Karate Hands Through My Girlish Hair
Oh, Vladi, My Dearest Puti, Let Me Taste Those St. Basil Lips Without A Care
Oh, My Kremlin Keepsake, Trash Me As You Will With That Siberian Stare
Oh, My Kremlin Cupie Doll, Thrash Me When You Will With That Crimean Flare
In Closing, My Trans-Siberia Love Locomotive
When I’m Dozing, Your Engine Throttles Me Like A Pocono 500 Automotive
Sweetie, Babushka, The Taste Of Your Belorussia Lips Lingers
Cutie, Darlin’, MaTrushka, I’ll Be Chaste Till The Next Squeeze Of Your Moscow Nights Fingers
Puti, Oh Puti, I Pine For My Ruskie Nudie
Puti, Oh, Puti, I Be A Swine For My Huskie Lewdie
Puti, Oh, Puti, I Be Just Fine With My Lusty Booty
Puti, Oh, Puti, You’re My Favorite Lemon-Lime With A Hoodyop
Puti, Puti, Kiss Me One More Time Before We Bid Adieu-Di
Puti, Puti, Kiss Me In My Secret Spot, Just Like In Aba Duhbi
Puti, Puti, Caress Me Ever So, Ever So Slow, Ever So Low
Oh, Puti, My Puti, I Now Go To Sleep & Dream Of Your Huge Dobro