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Saw him shitting in the rain
Turd drops falling on to the earth
He didn’t seem too sane
Just sat there and covered it w/dirt
And I knew – I knew, I knew, I knew, I knew
He could be so crappy, crappy, crappy – he could be so very crappy
Spiders in his hair
Spiders everywhere
I love his Trump Tower girl
Don’t know really why, maybe ’cause she poked my eye
I love this Trump Tower girl
She seemed so sweet and kind, as she rearranged my mind
I knew I had to say hello, hello, hello
She smiled UP at me
As she stole all my land
Stripped it with such insolent tone
And I knew, I knew, I knew, I knew, I knew
She had made me zappy, zappy, zappy – she had made me very zappy
Lobsters in her hair
Lobsters everywhere
I love their bigley little world —
Don’t know why, as Don caresses her thigh —
I love this squiggley pair —
Like cheap wine sparking my mind —
Suddenly, the sun broke through – (see the sun)
Looked ’round, but they’re gone
All they had left
Was one bag of turds on my lawn
But I knew, I knew, I knew, I knew, I knew
The had made me happy, happy, happy – they had made me very happy
Like Matt Lauer on the air
Matt Lauer everywhere
I love Miss Trump Tower girl
Was she reality or just cow girl cream to me?
I hug miss Trump Tower girl
She just shrugs and says that’ll be 100 per day
I love Miss Chump Tower girl
Was she banality or just chicken shit to me?
I love the Faulty Tower girl
Her jugs showed me the way to cream my day away
I love Trump Tower girl
Was she reality or Steve McQueen in drag to me?