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WHO Is Felix Sater? He was a very close business associate of Donald J. Trump. He was, until recently, a “principal” of an investment firm, Bayrock Capital, which was located on the 24th floor of Trump Tower, two floors below Donald Trump’s office – located on the 26th floor.
Sater was, until recently, one of the FBI’s most coveted counter-intelligence assets who for years reported back to the FBI on a daily basis and provided that organization with critical foreign intelligence information, information that was in turn passed on to the CIA.
WHAT Is Felix Sater? He is a financial/investment “facilitator” for Donald Trump. Felix’s father, Mikhail, was a lieutenant (or soldier) in the Simeon Mogilevich Russian crime family, the largest such criminal organization in the world. In addition, Felix Sater knows numerous individuals throughout Russia, the Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakistan, et al. who are from the criminal/underworld. There is money galore that needs to be spirited out of Mother Russia and sent overseas to be cleaned (or “laundered”).
WHEN Did Felix Sater enter into the picture and become involved with Donald Trump in the first place? Felix Sater was convicted in 1999 for investor fraud but the court records were sealed and the actual sentencing was delayed for almost a decade. It was felt that Mr. Sater was of such high value to the United States government that he should be put in a special protected status. He was free to operate without any public record of a criminal past. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Sater – sometime between 2000-2002 – made the acquaintance of Donald J. Trump.
WHY Was Felix Sater an associate of Donald Trump? It was common knowledge in the New York metropolitan area that Donald Trump would do business with virtually anyone, including those with dubious, suspect backgrounds, criminal or otherwise. Mr. Sater, as a New Yorker, was pretty much cognizant of this and because he was connected with Russian entities and individuals with mountains of Russian cash that needed to be “cleaned” – (laundered) – he knew that a man like Trump could be used to funnel all of these ill-gotten gains into Trump’s organization and get parked (or hidden) in real estate assets.
HOW Did Felix Sater become an associate of Donald Trump? Felix Sater and his Bayrock business partner, another fellow Russian, Tevfik Arif, approached Trump early on and presented Trump with an offer that he could not refuse. The two Bayrock business partners offered to fund Trump’s investment organization with a billion dollars worth of capital to acquire investment properties. In exchange, Trump would not have to reciprocate back with anything, not even one thin dime. Not only that but any profits that ensued from these investments would provide Trump with a guaranteed 18% return.
There you have it – Felix Sater – the man in the middle – the man that literally saved Trump financially and is now being “groomed” by Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel team to possibly take the Trumpster down – down to the ground. Sater is facing prison time, now that the Feds have caught up to him and his role in Donald Trump’s business affairs. Sater will most likely not take the fall for Trump but will instead cut a deal for himself to “rat” out Trump and thereby save himself from a very long prison stint.
Trump, you’ll have to resign and then pray to God that Mike Pence gives you a presidential pardon, just like Gerald Ford did to Richard Nixon!
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