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Like that 1957 Walt Disney Movie, “Old Yeller”, will we see history repeated with a force for good and decency (Robert Mueller) falling on the “sword” while standing between the rest of us and pure “evil” – (Trump)
Mueller has at least 16 highly ranked prosecutorial-type legal professionals on his staff, the entire Criminal Investigations unit of the Internal Revenue Service and just recently the original draft letter that Trump wrote back in the Spring to justify the firing of James Comey as head of the FBI.
Mueller also has the full reins to chase down all of the voluminous money trails that flow from Trump and lead all the way back to Mother Russia.
With so much potential exposure how much longer can Trump remain on the sidelines without doing what he does best, firing folks!  Mueller is going after Trump and his finances and his family connections as well.  For Mueller, there is no red line, no line that is not to be crossed.  His mandate is far-flung and wide.  Anything that flows from the 2016 Trump-Russia collusion and/or which is conceivably derivative thereof is his working purview.
The flashpoint will surely come from the recent disclosure that Bob Mueller now has in his possession the original “draft” letter Trump wrote to show the reasons that FBI Dir. James Comey needed to be fired.  That letter must really be shocking for Trump’s White House lawyer, Don McGahn, to put the kibosh on who strenuously reminded Trump that he could not fire an FBI Director with that kind of a letter using that kind of language.
That letter was, however, passed on to acting Deputy FBI Director, Rod Rosenstein, who then wrote a parallel letter justifying the removal of Comey. Rosenstein merely pinned the blame on the mishandling of Hillary’s emails by Comey as the real motivation behind the necessity for Comey’s removal.  As a result, Rosenstein himself has been drawn into the conspiracy – the conspiracy to be a party to what, for all intents and purposes, is obstruction of justice.  To have knowledge of any wrongdoing transacted at such a high level and yet look away or shunt it aside and then proceed to write a “sanitized” version for dismissing Comey draws Rosenstein full-on into Trump’s duplicity.
Rosenstein may have rehabilitated himself by soon thereafter appointing Robert Mueller as Special Counsel when he saw the legitimate need to put in place a firewall to rein in Trump and ensure that the Russia probe would proceed as intended.  However, now Special Counsel Robert Mueller has obtained a copy of the original “draft” letter written by Trump and has no doubt pieced together the scenario of events involving Trump, Trump’s White House Counsel, Don McGahn and Deputy FBI Director, Rod Rosenstein in the handling of James Comey’s dismissal.
What Mueller makes of all of this must have Trump on edge and on a hair-trigger status.
Ostensibly, Rosenstein has Mueller’s back.  Or does he?  Or does it even matter.  At the moment, there is a new FBI Director, Christopher Wray, who during his confirmation hearing duly vowed to run the FBI independently of the White House.  We shall see.
It is now probably the case that Mueller needs to be able to “pass off” as much of his evidentiary findings as possible to some of the relevant state attorney generals who can then continue the Trump-Russia probe on a state level should Trump hand out pardons to folks like Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen & Felix Sater.  While Trump can pardon folks on the federal level this power has no standing on the state level and thus states are free to pursue these matters without any interference from any such possible pardons.
Will Mueller succumb in the end to the rabid wolf – Trump – like Old Yeller did in Disney’s 1957 movie classic.  If so, hopefully, like Old Yeller, Mueller can amass enough damaging evidence against Trump before he himself finally gets “canned” & thereby lateral everything over to the states to go in for the final kill of Trump & his administration.


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