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Hello Mueller, hello prison
I better start singing soon
Or my only light is through a prism
And I’ll be eating with a dirty little spoon
Mr. Mueller, can you please tell me
Will i have another cell mate
I hate germs and like clean laundry
So tell me i might not have to fumigate
Special Prosecutor, Mr. Mueller Sir
Spare me a prison sentence + just give me some little penance
Bobby Mueller Sir, Oh Mr. FBI Man Sir
I’ll tell you w/o impotence, that Trump is without innocence
Now I’m facing 20-30
& I don’t think that’s very pretty
It’s time to clear the gangway
Rat out on trump & make my clean get-away
Let me sing dear Mueller, Sir – I’m here to nail Mr. Bling-Bling, Sir
Ask me all about the Don – I’m ready to sing that little song
It was Don, was Don, it was Don, all along
As for me, as for me, he always said — stay quiet + you’ll get loads of bread
Dearest Donnie, please don’t hate me
Can you blame me – have you seen me lately
My legal bills are simply sky high
& I’m staring right back at 30 to probably life
Lady Ivanka, I loved your daddy
But we all know he’s one real baddie
It’s been awfully nice knowing you
But like your pop you’re just a real lulu


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