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There’s definitely a bright light
@ the end of this scary tunnel
There’s definitely a sacred sight
@ the end of this jim carey funnel
We could just suck our thumbs
Or, we could just chew spearmint gum
But, no, there’s definitely a heavenly light
@ the end of this trump-induced fright
We could assume the fetal position + curl all up
Or, assume the beatle position – & hold segeant pepper’s cup
But, no, we can definitely perceive a beautiful sight
If not the end of this tunnel – then @ the next right
We can endure – we can make it through
We have the cure – it’s within our reach
Look deep down inside + let it well up within you
& like vomit – Trump will be purged out from within each
Then, steady and sure – let us double down
Then, ready and secure – let us bust this bubble clown
It starts with your own kin – who through their lot in
With this hyena — just because he had their skin
So, it starts with you leaving home — yet again
It starts with heaving a huge stone — on former friend
Trumperzzz must feel this wrath — it must clog their path
Your choice is clear and set — disown’em – they know absolutely jack
Mueller will leave no stone unturned
We need to act in kind & see it all burned
Trump is like Satan – he can’t just be “checked”
No, Trump, like Satan – must be completely decked
So, gird your loins & get armed to the teeth
We need to see this plague put way down beneath
No more handwringing – no more cringing
All together with archangels singing – deliver those blows mightily stinging
Send him back to hell – and his entourage as well
Send him packin’ + scrub the earth of this name
He was never more than a shell – an evil malevolent spell
So let’s get crackin’ + banish this blemish as it was always truly insane LATEST POSTS & PODCASTS“FEED”ALL “743” POSTS

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