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Michael Wolff’s Book — “Fire + Fury” — Might As Well Be Entitled — “Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned”.


No one denies the “thrust” of Michael Wolff’s newly-published book — i.e., that absolutely everyone he interviewed in the West Wing of the White House (from Nov.-2016 until Oct.-2017) ALL had come to the same conclusion — that Trump was a child who needed to be the “center of the universe” + incessantly praised. Naysayers notwithstanding, yes Wolff might have added some fictional “punch” to his account, but the plain fact is that Wolff’s account is based on over 200 one-on-one interviews with staffers within the West Wing.
If his journalistic standards are “soft” — that pales when contrasted with the sheer direct physical proximity he had with staffers inside the White House for a prolonged period of time – (10 months). I am not up-to-speed regarding the journalism protocols concerning “off-the-record” and “confidential” — or — “background” — but that doesn’t change the stark fact that this cat got the first-hand, “low-down” on the Trump administration — up close + personal and nothing can even put a dint on that. Journalism snobs, fuck off!!! And, by-the-way, he’s got over 30-hours of tape conversations as his ultimate back stop.
You know what they say, if you don’t like the “news”, don’t kill the messenger! Wolff has brought us the news – the inside “skinny” on the White House – and it is being “raked across the coals” because of this or that journalistic tenet. To repeat what Wolff himself declared was his sole purpose in writing this book – it was all about HOW the staff people inside the White House “felt” about working for Donald J. Trump, the President. To that end, he succeeded enough to more than offset any “side issues” raised by opponents of Wolff or english/journalism major casandra’s.
If you start with the killer “quotes” he received from Steve Bannon regarding things in the White House – (which Bannon has NOT denied in any way) – the rest of Wolff’s account is Bannon redux. Me thinks there are a good number of people who are emotionally invested in this whole Trump thing and are desperate to “stave” off the crushing effect this book is having on American political life. Mr. Wolff’s work has put a huge crack in the GOP dam and it might be time for all inhabitants downstream to seek higher ground before the flood waters rage down and wipe everything out.


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