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Donald Trump is writing off whole segments of the world as “shit-holes”. A sitting U.S. President. Then goes on to say, why can’t we get more people from Norway. Hmmm . . . . Do you see a “pattern” here? The countries he labels “shit-hole” are people of color and Norway, obviously, are people who are very “pale”.
Trump is digging his own “shit-hole”, deeper, day-by-day, disparaging remark-by-disparaging remark. You know, you start off with a certain amount of “political capital” as president. It’s safe to say that this president has pretty much exhausted whatever remaining capital he had. His GOP “cronies” in Congress are suffering from Stockholm syndrome. They’ve been reduced to a “puddling” pool mass of sycophants. Precisely what happens to prisoners that have evolved into being eternally “grateful” for the benevolence of their captors.
So, to use the french phrase for “shit-hole”, the real “trou de merde” are the GOP members of Congress. Inspite of knowing what everybody else is capable of knowing – that Trump is a vile, venal, incredibly destructive and dangerous person and personality – they choose to look the other way and aid & abett a national run-away political locomotive. If there is a better example of a real “trou de merde”, aka, shit-hole, the current crop of GOP congressional membes precludes any such possibility.
Bringing up the rear for runner-up champion “trou de merde” are Trump’s base — or as I like to refer to — his “beast” — his supporters. They are truly “trou de merde”. We need to thoroughly clean out the Trump Latrine with lye & hot steam!
The Congressional off-year elections in Nov.-2018 will do just that. By all accounts, the Democrats are poised to win both the lower house and the Senate. And, if Trump is still occupying the oval office by then, like Gulliver, he will be completely hamstrung from all sides by a democratic majority. Most likely, by the time Mueller interviews Trump in the next few weeks, our fearless/feckless leader will have cast himself out into the darkness by virtue of his own misdeeds as brought to light by the Mueller Russia probe.


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