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Donald Trump Is Running A Pornographic White House.
With or without the Parade of “Porn Stars” — the whole thing is an exercise in outright pornography.
The tax bill passed by Congress this past December was an absolute obscenity — a raw, naked power grab basically fucking over the American public to benefit just the top 1% of the population.
Trump likes fucking people over.  Hence, the selection of the film classic “Boogie Nights” as an apropro metaphor for this fucking Presidency.
Hell, Trump fucks over his own staff.  His own economics advisor, Gary Cohn, was humiliated yesterday – (March 8th) – his last day on the job – with Trump making fun of him for being a “Globalist” — but then, saying, Gary’s also a good Nationalist, ’cause he really loves his country!  He calls his Attorney General – Jeff Sessions – Mr. Magoo.  He thinks Rex Tillerson, his Secretary of State is a Boob.  He didn’t even have the class to notify Tillerson of the fact that he, Donald Trump, would in fact, meet with North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, While Tillerson was in the Middle East and answering a reporter’s questions about North Korea by stating that any face-to-face meeting between Trump and Kim was a long ways off.
Trump is a political “Dirk Diggler” — giving the “salami” to anyone that even remotely stands in his way to whatever it is he wants at any given moment.
To say Trump is not a “thoughtful” individual is a gross understatement.  Far from playing 3-dimensional chess — he is playing 3-dimensional chaos!  He’s a hell-raiser out to satisfy his unregulated “impulses”.  He’s been unregulated since he was born.  Did you know that he punched his second grade teacher in the face.  By the time he was in the 8th grade his parents already decided to have him skip high school and instead spend that time “matriculating” at the New York Military Academy, where he was further “brutalized”.
Trump is a dick and nothing more.  He’d screw over his own grandmother to grow his “brand” or increase his cash flow.
He’s a pimp — living off the blood, sweat & tears of others — hence his shameless multiple bankruptcies and cavalier use of debt — huge debt — so huge he wound up walking away from it on more than one occasion.  The debts were so huge and the banks so over-extended that if they had forced the issue and demanded total repayment they all would have gone under.
His dad tried to raise him as a “king” + a “killer” — but instead, he fostered a fucking sociopathic PIMP!   Trump pimped himself like a cheap “skank” or floozie.  Or better yet, like his Grandpappy, Frederick, in White Horse, British Columbia — at his Arctic Saloon & Restaurant — catering to all of the horny gold diggers headed for the giant Yukon Gold Rush in 1897 by providing a healthy supply of “sporting ladies”.
No matter, Robert Mueller will pin his ears back and knock this big “bovine” over till he is totally “supine”.  Trump, just another word for — Dump.
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