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Whether I’m white – or whether i’m right
Whether I’m a nazi or skin-head in flight
I’ve got to be me – i’ve got to be me
What else can we be – if not jack-booted crazy
We’re misunderstood – hated like termites in wood
You don’t like us – & wish we’d disappear for good
We’ve got to be free – shouting all over tv
We’ve got so much screed – to scream till we’re freed
Doesn’t matter if we have no brains
We could care less if we’re all insane
We have to preen – & we have to be mean
We have to be obscene – or we’ll all get gangrene
Whether we’re right – or whether we’re wrong
Just give us some hits from our nazi bong
We’ll march through the streets – with our Hitlerite tweets
@ least we don’t wear those fucking white sheets!
We’ll give those salutes – with our right hand raised
We’ll look so menacing – we won’t even get tazed
We’ve got to be free – can’t we all just agree
Our nazi pagentry won’t harm any citizenry
One final thought – so that no one really frets
We’ll never march with those nazi goose-steps
We just want to be free – to behave incredibly badly
It’s just what we do – so we’ll leave it at that, sadly
Now we take leave – till next we visit your street
But rest assured – orderly as a visiting navy fleet
We’ve got to be believed – we’ve got to be received
We’ll clean up our act – when all we want is achieved
So off we go – to put on more big shows
We hope you see – that we’re all fine fellows
So, if you give us a break – please, for heaven’s sake
We’re not the Klu Klux Klan – so just give us a fair shake


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