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Time to dump the trump
Can’t use a sump pump
Time to dump the trump
Call 1-800-got junk
The trump gots to go, punk
Can’t you see he’s just a skunk
Yeah, it’s time to clear this funk
Yeah, let’s do it before we’re sunk
Can somebody get a hold of Mueller
Tell him we think he’s a great feller
But we think we’ll handle it from here
Donnie Boy, you’re gone by end of year
Trumperzzz, start sucking your thumbs
‘Cause you know your dreams are dissolving into crumbs
Let me you hear you admit it
It’s fucking time to just quit it
You all never liked being stuck in the bottom bunk
Your man trump is just a swamp rat that really really stunk
So, give it up & let it go
Let’s give the dumpster a mighty big heave-ho
What i can’t figure out after being out on the stump
Is how Obama voters could turn around & vote for trump
Shit, you must’ve been in a fucking coma
As you thought you were voting for a man from Arizona
Trump, take your dumb shits with you & leave
You’re all just dead weight and @ best, half-baked
Get on down the road & allow us to bereave
When you finally wake – you’ll understand you’ve been totally caked
Mueller sets the tune, he sets the final curtain
Can’t no one stop this man, of that we are certain
No, get yourselves a’goin’ – while you still have time
‘Cause that subpoena come down and dump answers for the crime
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