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If Trump Can “Size” Kim Jong Un Up In A “Minute” – Little ROCKET MAN Will No Doubt Size “Dumbo” Up In About 5-Seconds! – He’ll Think To Himself, Shit, I’m Dealing With A Real MORON! – But Wait, I Brought Some “Shiny Objects” With Me From Pyongyang! – That’ll Do It, Right?
We’ll Just Begin The Summit By Discussing Opening Up A Burger “Franchise” In Pyongyang – I Hear Trump Likes Chowing Down @ McDonalds! – Now, That’s The Ticket! – We’ll Open Up The World’s LARGEST McDonalds-Like Burger Joint – Called “McBiglies” – In Downtown Pyongyang! – We’ll Make It As Big As One-City Block In Size! — Wow, We’ll Sell A Billion Burgers In The 1st Year Alone!
We’ll Even Turn The Ronald McDonald Guy Into The Ronald McTrump Dude! – Our Premier Burger Will Be Aptly, The “Bigley” Burger – A Whopping, Dripping Wet, 1-Pounder Topped Off With A Mountain Of Fries Lathered In Mayo & Smothered In Grease & Accompanied By Orange-Tinted Onions!
Here’s Our Little Burger Jingle, America! —> “You Deserve A “Break Today @ McBiglies —> We Do It All For You, We Do It All To You, We Do It All Over You, We Do It Through & Threw, Just Like We Launder All Of Those Russian Billions’ —> @ McBiglies!
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