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Donald Trump didn’t leave for his Europrean (Trump World Tour) before “slapping” yet another TARIFF on China!
This one for a puny $200-billion! Yeah, that’ll “grease the skids”, Donnie Boy – say goodbye to selling any of your pork bellies & soy beans, red state farmers!!! China will retaliate with tariffs on those farm products.  China is perhaps the biggest market for those items! But, they can now turn to Brazil for those same items — and “stick” it to Trump & the red state Trump voters!
Then, upon arriving in Belgium for the NATO summit — without skipping a beat – he rips into Germany for their joint project with Russia on a gas pipeline to bring Russian gas to Europe. He accuses Germany of being a “captive” of the Russians.  (Talk about the pot calling the kettle black — whooooeeee!)
He then castigates NATO members for being “dead beats” on paying their fair share of NATO expenses.  Never mind the fact that a good chunk of their payment “in-kind” stems precisely by their provision of forward bases for the U.S. military and the fact that many of NATO’s members directly border the Russian state.  And The Europeans do have a fund that goes toward the financing of the NATO organization.  This whole thing is pure “shit” on Trump’s part.
Trump will then embark onward to Great Britain — but not London. It seems that a 20-foot tall “baby trump” blimp is hovering directly over Parliament – something that Trump-Dump simply cannot abide or handle.  So he’ll skip London altogether and make courtesy calls to P.M. Theresa May’s country estate @ checquers & another one at Windsor Castle – for Queen Elizabeth.  Then again, she may be absent and out “riding”.  Trump, what a fucking weenie!  Only gonorrhea is more unpopular in Great Britain than Trump!
Next up – is a trip to 2 of his golf courses in the north of England.  The locals will probably throw bags of urine @ him or simply turn around & give him the royal “moon”.
Lastly, he’ll end up in Helsinki and meet with Putin – “privately” – with only the Russian and/or American translator present.  Knowing “Dump” – he’ll ditch the American one and have a very private tete-a-tete with Vladi. This is definitely not in the long-term interests of or country as it is a total LACK of transparency and can only signal a dark agenda on Trump’s part. But, Bobby Mueller is in the wings & should “finish” off this turd. Anyway you slice it or dice it – Trump is a fucking turd that simply can’t be “polished”!
Yes, America – we have “baby trump” as our leader – cry + weep – then vote like hell in November!  The only thing we have left to lose is our sanity! ALL BLOGS + PODCASTS
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