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West flies east to helsinki
East flies west to meet tinki-winki
West trashes europe then flees to rinky-dinky
East awaits west and will wreak helblinki
Trump lies from west to east
Putin lies from east to west
Helsinki will spawn forth a new disease
Rinky-dinky rules the day like a summer’s breeze
Mendacity and audacity in endless capacity
Sagacity and scarcity can’t hold with alacrity
Pomposity and verbosity flattens all with finality
Trumposity and donald-catastrophe is all but a technicality
Vladi takes Donnie by the arm & softly coo’s
Sweet american – come take a walk among the trees
Donnie entreats back to Puti – sugar, let’s take off our shoes
And slip away – steal away – before you can even sneeze
The two push thru the french doors and down the lawn
Make their way quickly to the edge of the estate
Taking a path into the woods – disappear like a pair of fawn
With Putin’s hand clasped around trump’s – as they make their escape
Then all is quiet – all is clear – all is as it was
Night fall comes – then morning light breaks the darkness
Out come staggering trump + putin – feeling the buzz
And one can hear the Donald supplicate to Puti with snarkness
You didn’t have to be so rough – so – off-the-cuff
But, Puti, sweetie, know that I will not let you down
And I’ll always remember our time together on the ground
The whole time together and not one single frown
Puti, give me something to remember – yes, your sweet Russian lips
Oh, Vladi – take me – I am all yours – reach for my hips
Trump, you’re my American muffin – I’m your Russian lovin’
I own you – you’re my little American ragamuffin
On, Vladi – I await further instructions – I won’t faily you
Yes, my American courtesan – to me, you will always be true
Yes, Vladi – Mar-A-Lago for a weekend – send Melania to Camp David
Yes, Donster – I’ll bring my speedos – I know how you crave it
Now we must part, Vladi – give me those sweet lips one last time
Donnie boi – sorry about the bolshoi – i give you my petersburg sublime
Oh, Vladi, Oh Vladi – I hear my people calling me to come around
Yes, Donnie, but just remember me – for when I pound-on-the-ground
Take care sweet vlad – remember my shanks – as i give you my thanks
Trust me Trump boi – remember my turret – you cried out it was like a tank’s
Oh, sweetie, vlady – i’ve given you my body & everything else – like a cheap tart
Goodbye Donnie – thanks for everything – take care now – now we must part
Putin had tape recorded everything in the woods
Putin had everything on Trump – he had the “goods”
Putin had peed on Trump – while Trump lay on the ground
Trump had bent over while Putin had proceeded to pound
The tapes are back in Moscow – Trump will soon be in the hoosegow
You might say Trump has his dick in a “sling” – after that fling
Putin back in the Kremlin – safely back in his mighty Moscow
Trump, meanwhile can only pine forlornly & stair at Melania’s bling-bling

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