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Trump Is Despotism Out To Destroy Democracy!


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Trump is exhibiting suicidal tendencies with his full-hearty & inevitably-to-be ill-fated government shutdown.  The “Dumpster” is in the last stages of his Caligula-like rule!  Brutus & Cassius are waiting in the wings – i.e., Michael Flynn & Michael Cohen – with enough “backstabbing” confessional material for Robert Mueller to put the final kibosh on this rancid chapter in American history.
His family is also destined for the cutting block – their days of freedom are swiftly drawing to a close.  The Special Counsel will mow them all down starting this February with his Report due out chronicling the vast web of Trumpian criminal activity while serving as the 45th president of these “unfortunate” states.
Trump is like Hitler in his bunker in the final days of Nazi Germany.  How fitting.  Robert Mueller is like the Soviet army closing in on Berlin in April-1945.  Time to reach for that cyanide tablet. All avenues of escape have been sealed off.  For Hitler, nothing was left for the enemy – his body was burned to cinders by his aides.
Trump won’t be so lucky.  He’ll be more like the man in the desert, parched for drink & near delerious from lack of food.  Sprawled on the ground, staring straight up at the sky at the vulture circling his fast-diminishing body.  Only a matter of time before that vulture shoots straight down to the ground and picks that carcass apart with his beak for nourishment.
His son, daughter & son-in-law will be taken into custody and summarily put behind bars – perhaps at a secret military installation without any possibility of parole.  By the time they’re released from their incarceration the U.S. will have landed on Mars & begun colonizing that planet.
Last, but not least, Trump supporters will have to think about their place here on planet earth.  Their existence has now grown extremely precarious for their role in supporting a monster like Trump.  After “foisting” Donald Trump – (with Russia’s help, of course) – upon this country, their quality of life-expectancy on planet earth has taken a colossal beating!  Mars, here we come.
Angry old white guys and racist white bitches from Michigan & Wisconsin & punky little brain-addled white guys, your days are duly numbered – might be time to update that last will & testament!  The blue wave shows no signs of slackening;  on the contrary, it should remain strong & steady for a good long time..
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