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David Pecker got caught red-handed this week trying to shake down the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame.  Ouch!  He Might as well have gotten his pecker caught in his zipper!  Dead-To-Rights.
If you’re going to commit extortion — don’t do it via an email.  Doesn’t leave much wiggle room to spin it any other way than for what it is — extracting a concession or a takedown of another through the use of an overt or implied threat of force or serious mayhem.
Apparently, the National Inquirer had some photos of Jeff Bezos in a sexually-compromising way.  Having one’s body parts ricocheted all over the internet is not anyone’s idea of a fun time.  The Inquirer gave Bezos an ultimatum, either “kill” a story the Washington Post was about to run – (Bezos is the owner of the Post) – regarding the National Inquirer’s ties or links to Saudia Arabia or the Inquirer would publish the compromising photos of Bezos.
The National Inquirer’s attorney went on a morning news show today – Sunday-Feb. 10th – and tried to spin this to downplay the overt extortion present here.  He explained that the Post’s story was not factually correct and that this whole thing was nothing more than negotiations between attorneys to settle this dispute amicably. Bull-hockey.
Extortion is usually present where something of “value” is extorted from your target or victim.  In the case of the Mafia – they’ll burn your business down unless you pay them a “protection” fee for your business – ostensibly to ensure that your business remains free from attack or harm by potential evil-doers. It’s a scam. It’s nothing more than a racket. It’s extortion.
That’s precisely the case here.  Only the thing of “value” here is not monetary, but rather the “reputation” of an individual, Jeff Bezos.  So, what the National Inquirer actually did was to threaten Bezos with publication of intimate physical photos of him and thereby ruin his reputation unless Bezos agreed to the Inquirer’s demands that his Washington Post NOT publish any stories linking the National Inquirer to Saudia Arabia.
Whatever else you can say in defense of Pecker’s attorneys — this is not something involving journalism.  This is out-and-out racketeering.  So, yes, this involves a classic case of extortion. As such, Mueller should yank Pecker’s immunity deal and instead charge Pecker and his deputy – Dylan Howard – with the original counts brought by Mueller against Pecker & Howard – and thus guarantee that these two clowns spend a good many years behind bars.


Case closed!

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