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Sometimes it’s hard to be first lady
Giving your love to just one toe-jam
You’ll have bad times, he be with sexie sadie
Doin’ things you ain’t supposed to understand
But when you can’t hug him, why can’t you ditch him
This prick just prowls for another one-night stand
And if you scrub him, you’ll need to enshrub him
‘Cause you’ll have to lay low & be on the lamb
Stand by your man but give that two-a.m. alarm ring to
Someone with a fire arm to come to you
With your sights set on shooting that piece of mildew
Stand by your man, show the world you’re not really into him
Now time for toe-jam to kick the can
For this is your plan
Maybe shiv your man, then step back & shove him
Backing up as close to the door as you can
Leave fast – ’cause that’s the plan.