I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby and Alberto Gonzales are two sides of the same coin, the false currency of the Bush Administration. Neither side of this coin represents legitimacy or value of any sort. Both sides are counterfeit and failed the smell test a long time ago.

Libby has been charged on 4 counts of obstruction, lying and perjury. Gonzales is in the initial stages of precisely that same dilemma. Coming so close on the heels of the Libby verdict, Gonzales’ misfortune is nothing short of a one-two punch that leaves no doubt that the Bush Administration will not remain much longer standing upright on the canvas. In light of all that has come to light since the November 2004 Presidential Election, this Administration has finally had its lights punched out.

Perhaps Mr. Gonzales will garner the Bush Administration an extra 90-days of survival if he simply resigns. On the other hand, the Bush Administration is incapable of allowing that to happen and will only proceed to continue to administer its own self-inflicted destruction. Nothing or no one can halt this precipitous slide into oblivion, as the Captain at the helm, George “W”, is like Captain Ahab, hell-bent on a quest, come heaven or hell.

All that remains to be seen from here on out is how far the aftershocks will spread, much akin to watching the impact from the collapse of the twin towers on 9/11. How many innocent people will be buried alive from the machinations of one man. Unlike the twin towers, the clean up after this mishap will take a lot longer, perhaps decades. The biggest casualty is the U.S. Constitution, the most enduring document of its kind in the history of this planet.

The King Is Dead, Long Live The King!