Well it’s “ph.d” time – piled higher & deeper.

God, the Bush Administration knows no limits on depravity and duplicity. Gonzales is fighting for his “reason d’entre” and Paul Wolfowitz has dodged a fast-moving bullet by agreeing to step aside by June 30 with a little “soft” language thrown in to assuage his colossal ego.

These bunch of nazis would never have gotten to 1st base in Europe, not even in Eastern Europe. But this country and its citizenry are only getting what they deserve. That’s the price you pay for not paying attention to what is going on in your name.

Why not just do a “World Bank”, give the rat-bastards until June 30th to gracefully vacate the White House [Bush, Cheney, Rice, et al.]. We could easily install an “interregnum” body to “run out the clock” on this sorry Administration.

Maybe Paraguay might take in the ex-pres & vice-pres just like the United States took in the ex- Shah of Iran.

If there is anything further to learn from this latest turn of events [Gonzales & Wolfowitz] it is that there is no bottom to this Administration. Stuff will just keep on “turning up.” Witnesses will keep on turning up [witness Comey, ex-deputy Attorney General’s testimony to Congress]. Ex-White House aides and ex-cabinet officials will just keep turning up via their latest memoirs.

Impeachment & indictments at this point would be the only “slam dunk” in this writer’s estimation as opposed to the haphazard turn of phrase offered by the disgraced & departed ex-CIA chief, George Tenet in his assessment of the likelihood of a real cause a belli vis-a-vis Iraq.

What chumps. What a group of chumps. But it takes one to vote for one. America, look in the mirror and see the ultimate chump.