I don’t know about you but after watching last night’s presidential debate I could only conclude that John McCain is nothing but a “Grumpy Old Man”. It doesn’t matter how brilliant Barack can deliver a rebuttal to any one of McCain’s half-truths or mere misstatements of fact, John McCain simply can’t get out of that “Grampy McCain” mind set.

I could just picture McCain walking the back streets of Tucson, Arizona with that killing contraption seen in the movie “No Country For Old Men” – sneaking up on people and firing that “projectile” from his canister right at their forehead!

McCain’s foreign policy is stuck in the 20th century and his economic policy [what little there is] is mired way back in the 19th. He is not well read or well versed in higher thought. He certainly does not give any indication that he is thoughtful or measured in his assessments of anything – foreign or domestic.

McCain is all about “Dogmatic Rectitude and Certitude.” He HATES Obama as amply demonstrated by his outright dismissive tone towards the Democratic nominee’s statements on policy. Time after time last night (6 or 7 times at least) McCain repeated his worn-out mantra – “my opponent simply does not understand…….”.

This election is over. Obama was very polished and composed last night and was “on his toes” throughout with his crisp and forceful rebuttals back at McCain. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED for Barack Obama – Our Next Commander-In-Chief!!!