Sarah Palin was found to have abused her powers of office as Governor of Alaska in her relentless quest to have Alaskan State Trooper Mike Wooten fired, so says the Alaskan Legislative Council’s “Trooper Gate” report released just last night.

Mike Wooten was the former husband of Palin’s sister. He was accused of a variety of things but was felt to be such a “danger” to the physical well-being of Palin’s sister that both Todd Palin and even at times Sarah Palin intervened with former Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegahan to have Wooten removed from the State Trooper’s ranks.

Well, the shit is now going to hit the fan and, of course, Palin can only lamely reply just look at the report, it will show I did nothing “ethically” wrong. I don’t know what standard of ethics she uses but using your office to advance a personal agenda is tantamount to abuse of office however you define your system of ethics.

Perhaps now the Governor can slink off to the Alaskan Independent Party (a seccessionist group of right wing-nut jobs) and reinvent/reconstitute her political career from there. The founder, Joe Vogler has made no secret about not considering himself apart of America and has no desire to claim any ties to the lower-48 at all. This is the political base that Palin “sprung from”.

Palin’s political career was literally spawned by these kinds of folks: founder – Joe Vogler, a local John Birch Society activist known as “Black Helicopter” Steve Scholl and former AIP chairman Mark Chryson.

The story at by Max Blumenthal and David Neiwart offers an in-depth examination of the crucial role played in Palin’s political career by two members of the secessionist Alaska Independence Party (AIP).

Blumenthal said that Palin used former AIP chairman Mark Chryson and a local John Birch Society activist known as “Black Helicopter” Steve Stoll “to advance her political career on a local and state level — and she sought to reward them with plum political appointments.”

In 1996, Chryson and Stoll helped Palin with her campaign of negative, character-based attacks on the incumbent mayor, and after Palin was elected she attempted to appoint Stoll to the seat she had formerly held on the Wasilla city council. That attempt, however, proved unsuccessful.

Palin started out being anything but a reformer. She has never changed her stripes. She was and remains an out-and-out rogue politician of the “evangelical – Armageddon” variety.



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