Well, it looks like the Dems will have Joe Lieberman to kick around for a little while longer after all. Today’s vote by the Democratic senators resulted in allowing Joe Lieberman to maintain his post as chairman of both the Homeland Security Committee and a subcommittee of the Armed Services Committee. He did have to give up his position as head of the Environmental and Public Works Committee. Wow, was he really chastised today by his fellow Democratic senators. Not!

Lieberman is a bootlicker. It’s not just his Republican stance on the Iraq War and his name calling of Barack Obama and other democrats who dare to call into question the Bush Administration’s motives for empire building. Joe actually adores John McCain and while voting for “social issues” more in line with the Democrats he is way beyond independent on all other issues. He is a Republican in Democratic clothing.

The Democrats are like an abused wife who is just an enabler of her drunken, violence-prone husband. Senate Leader Harry Reid is the chief-enabler-in-charge. Someone should inform Mr. Reid that turning the other cheek carries with it a statute of limitations. Lieberman has gone far beyond his allotted limit on voting against the Democratic agenda. The very least Reid could have done is suspend Lieberman’s chairmanship positions for a year or two until Joe “got religion”.

Sooner or later, Mr. Lieberman will rear his ugly head up once more and stare down the Democratic leadership in the Senate while siding with the Republicans on some major piece of legislation. Is it really worth all of the aggravation to keep Lieberman in the Democratic fold or is it high time to cast him adrift and leave him to his own devices. He’s going to continue to carry on as he has anyway, why not just make it official.



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