I will keep this post brief after my last one ran longer than usual – [BUSH IN THE DOCK – INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL].

Should we stimulate this economy now? Most democrats say a resounding yes. Should we quibble over the details, most democrats again probably look at the broad outlines and say just ram this puppy through.


What should we do if we can’t even get 2 or 3 moderate Repugnants to join the 58/59 Dems in the Senate and ram this thing through? A Jihad on the Repugnants? Have a mass food fight? Revoke their Costco privileges?

If Nancy Pelosi is right, without this economic stimulus package we’re looking at the prospect of losing 500 million jobs (that’s right – in her own words from yesterday). Now folks, that’s a lot of jobs. I personally believe the figure is closer to 5 million jobs which is still an enormous figure.

In all honesty, I think it’s time for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to go after the Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, and just plain duke it out on the Senate floor. Last man standing wins.

I give a slight edge to Reid as I think he is a bit more shifty and dodgy than McConnell although McConnell may have a better backbone and upper bite.

As Judy Collins sang, “….send in the clowns …..”

In closing, there are about 8 Democratic senators who could turn out to be problematic. If anyone is so inclined you might give them a call tomorrow (assuming they don’t vote on the economic stimulus package tonight – Thursday, February 5th).

The problem democrats are:

1. Ben Nelson, Nebraska (202) 224-6551

2. Kent Conrad, North Dakota (202) 224-2043

3. Kay Hagan, North Carolina (202) 224-6342

4. Herb Kohl, Wisconsin (202) 224-5653

5. Mary Landrieu, Lousisna (202) 224-5824

6. Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas (202) 224-4843

7. Bill Nelson, Florida (202) 224-5274

8. Mark Pryor, Arkansas (202) 224-2353

Of the above names the worst offenders by far are: Mark Pryor/Arkansas and Ben Nelson/Nebraska.

Take your pick/picks.


[Rock-The-Boat & Get Out The Vote]