Most of you probably recognize ALL of the “first” 3 suspects here:

(1) George W. Bushwacked
(2) Dick (Just Plain The “Dick”) Cheney
(3) Donald Rumpsfeld (sorry, Rumsfeld)

But alas, the “final” 3 might stump a few of you out there in blog-land!

They are: (4) John Yoo [now a professor of law at U.C. Berkeley – although he might be on leave] – one of the Justice Department attorneys who composed the infamous Torture Memos; (5) Jay Bybee [a federal judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit] – the other Justice Department attorney who assisted Yoo in the composition of the Torture Memos; and (6) William Haynes [currently employed as an executive at the Chevron facility, Richmond, CA) – the General Counsel to then-Secretary of Defense, Donald RumTumsFeld.

Can we all get “jiggy-with-it”!

These M_____ F_____s should be hauled before a Nuremberg-style court and charged with murder and crimes of torture and crimes against humanity.

William Haynes is the “final link” in this chain of command, ultimately. As Rumsfeld’s General Counsel at the Pentagon it was he who received these Torture Memos and presented them to Rumsfeld. He played a significant part in seeing to it that they were acted upon by the Defense Secretary.

Before you get on your high horse and say that’s “all in the past” – in 1946 at the real Nuremberg trials they put Germany’s highest jurists (judges) on trial and found all of them guilty of sanctioning war crimes and subsequently sentenced them to prison!

Acquiescence is tantamount to acceptance. That was the real crime in Nazi Germany on the part of the population at large. Let us not allow this stain upon our nation’s honor to remain without rendering true justice. These men cannot be allowed to remain at large and subject to no judgment.

If we do nothing it is very possible that the matter will be taken out of our hands and instead taken up by the World Tribunal. The Spanish judge who brought Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet to justice is now in hot pursuit of these very 6 men from the Bush Administration. [Baltasar Garzón, the counter-terrorism judge whose prosecution of General Augusto Pinochet led to his arrest in Britain in 1998]

America must handle this matter herself. It would be a fall from grace for this country if it were left up to a Spanish judge and the World Court to do it for us!