Karl Rove will definitely be remembered for being “turd blossom” in the history books. But it won’t be the kind of “turd-blossom” he was hoping for. I think he has “soiled himself” pretty well after 7 years in the Bush Administration. He is turd personified.

His latest “droppings” are featured in the U.S. Attorney-Gate scandal. No where is this more clearer than today’s testimony [May 23, 2007] by former Justice Department employee, Monica Goodling. Goodling admitted that there was in fact a litmus test for prospective employees being considered by the Justice Department. The finger prints of Karl Rove are all over the place. Don’t place the blame on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. He was merely a pawn. The real master-mover here is none other than Karl “The Enforcer” Rove.

To make the point even more obvious Ms. Goodling made an even more startling revelation under questioning by a Democratic Senator. Upon questioning Ms. Goodling admitted that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was in fact aware of ongoing discussions within the Justice Department about firing various U.S. Attorneys. She even went so far as to say that she felt no need to point out to him his statements to the contrary in his appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing earlier in February with the rationale that it seemed unnecessary under the circumstances.

However you slice it or dice it, the Puppet Master, Karl Rove, has taken control of the entire Executive Branch of Government through his minions well-placed throughout the Cabinet and subcabinet levels of government. If there is any doubt about these accusations just consider the fact that each and every case where a U.S. Attorney was replaced took place in state that was a major swing-state for the Republicans in the 2008 Presidential Election. This has the mark of Karl Rove through and through – the master political manipulator, using any and all means at his disposal, however foul or injurious.

Perhaps the best way out of this dilemma is to pit Vice President Dick Cheney and Karl Rove in a death struggle against each other. They could easily cancel each other out and save all of the rest of us the bother of actually “finishing” them off ourselves.

Time will tell. But the way the mounting bad news remains unabated for this Administration since the November 2006 elections, the law of inertia may take over. Sooner or later – the machine will just come to a grinding halt – all by itself.

Stay tuned!